New Trees planted at the Illy Willy Water

 tree planting Illy Willy 2016

The Illy Willy Water spring just beyond the Church Inn is an important feature of Chelmorton as in the past it was the water supply for the village and it continues to flow to this day.  The Parish Council is keen to improve the environment around it and to make it into an ideal natural environment for birds and other species.  During the past winter we have removed some of the dead and dangerously positioned trees and have now replanted the area with 100 new trees selected in the future to provide colour in the spring and summer and food for birds in the autumn and winter.  The trees were provided free of charge by the OVO Energy 2015 community tree planting scheme to whom we are very grateful.  The planting was carried by two members of the Parish Council and we are grateful to Philip Swindell for help with clearing the area prior to replanting. All the work was done on a voluntary basis.

tree planting Illy Willy 2016 footpath view

The Council hope that next winter we can extend the replanting to other areas around the Illy Willy. Volunteer help with maintaining the area will be very welcome.

Charles Marsden